Why Choose CCIE?

The Connecticut Center for Innovative Entrepreneurs (CCIE) is an independent, for-profit company that specializes in data management, research and analysis.

CCIE is headed by Nara Mijid, who received a Ph.D. in Economics from Colorado State University, as well as Master’s degrees in Economics and Finance from University of Colorado. She spent seven years teaching economics courses at Central Connecticut State University, and conducting research studies on small businesses, gender and racial issues in financing, and women- and minority-owned firms. You can read her studies here.

This background gives Nara a keen perspective on disseminating and identifying important trends buried beneath mounds of data. Nara’s research has already been used to great effect by institutions such as the Klingberg Family Centers, the CCSU ITBD, the New Britain Chamber of Commerce, and the Connecticut Department of Transportation.

Simply put …

You bring your data to us, and we turn that data into actionable plans that allow your business to make the most-informed decisions possible. We work with businesses of every kind, but have a special focus on female and minority-owned companies that help grow and diversify the Connecticut economy.

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