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We offer a variety of services for established businesses looking to streamline their efficiency, increase profits, and improve their data collection. Our Complete Profitability Analysis includes the following:

  • Revenue Streams
  • Cost Reductions
  • Improve Efficiency
  • Expansion Exploration
  • Market Research
  • Supply and Demand Analysis
  • Cost Controls
  • Customer Discovery

Looking for a more budget friendly approach to data analysis? You can pick and choose which of our services you need, giving you a flexible and affordable way to turn your business data into action.

For example, you could choose our popular cost reduction analysis, or a revenue stream analysis to try. We believe so adamantly in the importance of business data analysis, which we go out of our way to make it affordable for our clients.

Do you have data you want analyzed, but don’t see listed above? That’s alright, we can still help! Contact us today to see what CCIE can do for you!


Non-profits across Connecticut have a positive impact on thousands of people every day. But providing proof of that impact can be difficult, and knowing where to invest increasingly limited government aid can be more difficult still.

That’s why data analysis is especially important to non-profit organizations, whether they be homeless shelters, outpatient clinics, or chambers of commerce. Our experts at the Connecticut Center for Innovative Entrepreneurs can turn your data into impact analysis reports and efficiency suggestions that help money go farther, and convince donors in fundraising your cause.

Using our data analysis techniques, we can help your organizations:

  • Streamline for efficiency
  • Analyze your impact on the community
  • Help measure the outcomes of your initiatives
  • Demographics research
  • Highlight particularly successful programs
  • Show your donors exactly how money is being spent
  • Benefits for every dollar that comes in

With grants and aid at all levels becoming increasingly hard to come by, your non-profit is at a significant disadvantage if you aren’t utilizing your data to its fullest potential. You have no idea how much money your organization could be losing, so contact us immediately to see how we can turn your data into an impactful action.

More about Our Services …

Today’s world is connected by data of every kind, tracking every transaction you make, form you fill out, and the demographics of your customers.

It’s an immense amount of information, and for the average business owner, parsing through the fluff to identify actionable trends and meaningful observations can be an intimidating and seemingly impossible process.

So what good is all of that data if you don’t know what to do with it?

Thankfully, you’ve found the Connecticut Center for Innovative Entrepreneurs (CCIE), where our expertise lets us put your data into action.

We take information from local businesses, non-profits, and member-based organizations, and turn that data into easy-to-understand reports. We identify trends, analyze sales, research markets, and can help you reduce overhead to create a more efficient and streamlined process.

More specifically,

Here at CCIE, we can analyze just about any kind of business data, including:​

  • Pricing
  • Quantity
  • Quality
  • Competitor comparisons
  • Customer tastes
  • Buyer demographics (income/race/gender/age/etc.)
  • ​Expectations

We can do more than just business analysis, however. CCIE also helps non-profits and member organizations parse through data points to find cost savings and funding sources, including:

  • Community Impact
  • Impact study analysis
  • Resident demographics
  • Surveys
  • Cost controls
  • Funding opportunities

and much more …

Send us an email or give us a call today to see how we can turn your data into action.

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